Which Neck Brace is the best?

Neck braces, also known as cervical collars, are designed to support your spinal cord and head for optimal alignment and provide relief after serious neck injury or pain. These are orthopedic support collars that promote better posture of your head and neck after a cervical injury.

These collars are used for the basic treatment of neck injuries and surgeries. There are different types of neck injuries and pain, thus, braces are recommended depending on your type of neck pain/injury. Neck braces are adjustable and comfortable to wear all day long with less strain.

Learn more about neck braces or cervical collars in detail further. Check out the different types, their features, and the most recommended braces for neck pain/injury.

Types of Neck Braces

  1. Cervical-thoracic braces

These types of neck braces are used for patients who have sustained a neck or upper back trauma. They are used to restrict the motion of the neck. Moreover, they are made up of plastic padded chest jackets, chin support, and rear head rise to provide support as well as relief.

  1. Soft neck braces

These cervical collars are used to provide comfort and support to the neck while relieving pressure around the injury or pain. They are made up of soft cotton/nylon covering along with foam rubber. The Velcro straps are adjustable because of the rubber foam material used in them. In addition, soft neck braces provide a bit more range of motion than cervical thoracic and rigid neck collars.

  1. Rigid neck braces

As the name suggests, these types of cervical collars are rigid or restrictive. They are designed in a manner that limits the movement of the neck after an injury or surgery. They are made up of soft padded coatings with molded plastic, supporting the neck with a Velcro system.

Popular Neck braces from Ortho Tape

If you are looking for branded neck braces that will help you get pain relief and support your neck, considering Ortho Tape would be a great solution. You must be thinking, why? Well, the best part is they offer Miami J Collar, which is one of the reliable and most demanded neck collars in the market right now.

Let’s check out the popular neck braces from Ortho Tape, and who knows, it might be of any help to you or someone you know?

  1. Ossur Miami J Collar

At Ortho Tape, we provide premium neck collar quality to patients, i.e., Miami J Cervical Collar. Ossur Miami J collar comes with panels both front and back. It is one of the superior qualities of c-spine immobilizer available in the market, which can restore your neck posture and relieve several neck injuries. This neck collar is bioengineered to minimize the pressure points, and its sorbatex padding is 100% antibacterial. If you are dealing with post-trauma injuries or chronic neck pain, you can consider this cervical collar.

  1. Ossur Miami JTO Thoracic Neck Extension

Ossur Miami JTO thoracic neck extension is designed to provide versatile solutions for neck and spine injuries. It is made up of sorbatex II padding and floating back, which leads to comfort and maximized neck motion. This type of neck brace is perfect for treating high-thoracic and cervical injuries.

  1. Philadelphia Adjustable Neck Brace

Philadelphia tracheotomy neck brace has been one of the standard products in this industry over the years. It is designed with high-quality materials like plastazote foam, which supports the optimal alignment of the cervical spine. They are designed in a manner that provides adjustability, neck motion, and comfort to the one who’s wearing it. Therefore, if you are dealing with cervical spondylitis, herniated cervical disc, RA & OA cervical spine, or post-trauma chronic neck pain, you can go for this fully adjustable neck collar.

Tips for wearing a neck collar

If this is your first time with a cervical collar, your physician or healthcare provider will most likely provide you with some instructions while wearing the neck collar. However, some general tips might help you when you are wearing a neck brace. They are listed below:

  • Gentle movement is necessary for your quick recovery. If your doctor has recommended you a rigid neck brace, then don’t limit your movements. Otherwise, make sure you do some gentle movements like walking to prevent muscle stiffening.
  • Keep your head and back straight, shoulders back and ears positioned with your head. You have to keep your posture right to recover fast from cervical injuries or pain.
  • Don’t remove your collar until and unless your doctor directs it.
  • When you wear your neck brace, just ensure that it fits comfortably. It should be tight but comfortable enough to wear all day long or as directed by your healthcare provider. The main purpose of the neck collar is to provide support. Hence, it should not be loose.
  • If you prefer sitting on soft, low chairs while wearing your neck collar, then you must avoid it. Sitting on low, soft chairs can affect your posture, and chances are it might put extra pressure on your neck.
  • Don’t even think about a strenuous activity or carrying heavy weight when wearing a neck brace. You must avoid rigorous activities during neck injury.


Neck braces are designed to provide support, comfort, and relief to your neck pain. Although these are used for short-term treatment, they are beneficial and supportive to sustain different types of cervical injuries and pains. There are different varieties available in cervical collars, and each one of them has its benefit for neck pain, fractures, and injuries.

If you are searching for a cervical collar for your neck pain/injury, you must check out the different varieties and types of neck collars available atOrtho Tape for severe whiplash/neck sprain. Go check out now!