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AQUACAST Water Resistant  Short Arm Cast Padding Kit

AQUACAST Water Resistant Short Arm Cast Padding Kit

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Aquacast Waterproof Cast Padding for a Short Arm Cast

You use your hands for everything. If you become unlucky enough to break your hand or wrist a waterproof short arm cast is now a perfect option. This unique waterproof liner will allow you to go swimming in a cast or allow showering in a cast.
Originally called the GoreTex Cast it makes the best waterproof cast for kids or adults.

AquaCast Liner, is a unique waterproof, breathable cast padding that allows you to continue your normal routine at home and at work without worrying about keeping your cast dry. Used in place of cotton underneath a fiberglass cast, AquaCast Liner allows you to:
  • Bathe or shower
  • Minimize cast odor and itching
  • Swim
  • Wash your hands
  • Bathe your children
  • Begin hydrotherapy
  • Wash the dishes, the car, the dog - without the hassle of trying to protect your cast from getting wet.

    When a fiberglass cast padded with AquaCast padding gets wet, most of the water drains quickly out of the ends of your cast. The remaining moisture is warmed by body heat, becomes vapor and passes through the Cast Liner and fiberglass casting tape. No special drying is necessary.

  • It is important to insist on a waterproof cast.
    We have 1000's of doctors who apply waterproof casts each year.

    We carry other waterproof cast brands:

    waterproof liner

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