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Stryker 840 Long Cord Cast Saw - REFURBISHED

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840 Cast Cutter Stryker. Durable PIN head cast saw.
Part Number: Stryker840 Refurb
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Stryker 840 Long Cord Cast Cutter with new blade and user manual.

Stryker’s continuing commitment to superior surgical equipment quality is a multi-purpose cast removal tool with an ergonomic design that optimizes user control and comfort.


This Cast Cutter combines ergonomic design and 50 years of cast room experience into a versatile, effective tool. This cast cutter offers:

Single speed cutting

Compact design to enhance maneuverability

PIN head blade for the ability to fit many universal blades. 

OrthoTape has partnered with one of the best Stryker rebuild companies around. They have been restoring, rebuilding and repairing cast cutters since 1984 (40 years). Many of their technicians were originally Stryker employees so they learned on the inside, and today even the manufacturers refer professionals to them for continuing services and parts. They even provide authentic brand name blades, cast spreaders, and accessories you just can’t get anywhere else! Why
 spend 2000.00 for inferior products made in other countries only to discover there are no parts, or service support in the USA for these systems. The finest American saws, like Stryker will ALWAYS be supported by our company; the most experienced and dedicated professionals to serve the orthopedic, forensic pathology, orthotics and prosthetics, and veterinary medicine profession until the end of time!!You will receive a warranty with your purchase. Rest assured that your money is well spent, and your investment protected.

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