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1 INCH Medical Tubular Cast Stockinette by OrthoTape (FULL ROLL 75 FT)

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1 inch finger or toes Orthopedic Medical Tubular Cast Stockinette undersleeve liner. Black Hot Pink Red Grey.
Part Number: Stockinette 1 Inch 75ft
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1 INCH Tubular Medical Cast Stockinette used during cast application. (75 feet FULL ROLL)

OrthoTape's 1 inch tubular stockinette is best used on broken fingers and toes. Thick material weave wicks away sweat and is perfect for any short arm spica cast of the thumb.
Available in Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Grey, Purple, & Red!

OrthoTape 1 inch compression stockinette is a high thread count, synthetic tubular sleeve bandage that maximizes support and minimizes constriction. Synthetic tubing sleeve provides good compression and support as a liner for the skin when worn under compression wraps, knee braces, amputee products, as wound dressing, and orthopedic casts. It is also commonly used as a pull sock for applying arm or AK prosthetic sockets.

Note for sizing: Need to know what size stockinette to order? Simply measure the circumference of your leg or arm. Stockinette is measured in width so basically it is the diameter value. So you would double the value. As an example 3" stockinette has a circumference of 6", 4" stockinette has a circumference of 8". Stockinette will stretch some, so you have about 0.5 to 1 inch of a stretch to that circumference value.

Shipping Note: Products may be consolidated to ensure the quickest shipping at no extra cost to you the customer. Consolidating the product means taking the product out of its original boxing to fit into an appropriate size package to keep costs down.

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