How to use Cast Cutter?

If you have ever had a broken bone or any other ailment that required immobilization, you are well aware of what a cast is. Casts are usually made of plaster or fiberglass. And once the time comes to take off the cast, a cast cutter or a cast saw is used to cut through it for removal. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to use a cast cutter and how to do it safely without cutting the skin. 

What is a Cast Cutter & How Does it Work?

A cast cutter is a handheld device that is able to cut through casting material without damaging or cutting the skin underneath it. A cast cutter typically has a serrated blade that spins at a very high speed but does not actually do a full rotation. 

Unlike a circular saw, a cast cutter does not spin around. Cast cutters have a specialized motor known as an air motor or a pneumatic motor. 

When the cast cutter comes in contact against the hard surface of the fiberglass or plaster cast, the cutter successfully cuts through the material. The biggest safety feature of a cast cutter is that even if it comes in contact with your skin, the saw will simply move the skin back and forth with the vibration, but it will not cut into the skin. 

As the technology has advanced, the newer cast cutters are even easier to use and for patients to tolerate. The biggest difference in the new cast cutters, like the ones available on, make much less noise as these cast cutters have quieter motors. Lesser noise causes lesser anxiety in patients, especially children. 

Can a Cast Cutter Cut through Skin?

Cast cutters are very safe nowadays. However, it is best that cast cutters are used by individuals who have been properly trained on how to use the device correctly in order to avoid any problems. 

The improper use of a cast cutter or using a cutter with worn-out blades can cause problems. In some cases, it is possible to get a small skin injury or burn from the cast cutter. But, when used properly, these injuries are almost unheard of, and the personnel using the cast cutter always take the proper precautions to minimize the risk of injury.

There is absolutely no way a cast cutter can cut the arm or leg into pieces. As an added safety feature, the special blades of a cast cutter are typically made from titanium nitride or Teflon, dicronite. These materials are perfect for cutting through synthetic materials, but they won't cut through your skin.

Also, the blade of the cast cutter oscillates very slightly at very high speeds of thousands of times per minute instead of spinning continuously. Furthermore, the blade teeth of a cast cutter are relatively dull and very shallow, thus preventing any severe injuries to the skin. All these features make a cast cutter a quick, effective, and safe way to remove the cast without causing harm to the patient.

Many technicians or doctors often touch the cast saw to their own palm to show an anxious patient that the cutter does not cut through the skin and neither will it harm them in any way.

Precautions to follow when operating a Cast Cutter

Even though a cast cutter is a perfectly safe device, there are still some precautions you should take note of when operating the cutter or saw. These include:

  • Regularly check the continuity of the cast cutter. 

  • Always keep the power cord away from the blade or cutting area. 

  • Whenever you disconnect the cast cutter, unplug the cutter. Do not pull on the power cord. 

  • Never operate a cast cutter in places where any flammable or explosive gas or other chemicals might be present. 

  • If you want to replace the blade, always do so after disconnecting the power cord of the device. 

  • Never immerse the cast cutter into any liquids. 

  • Always make sure that you are using a sharp cutter blade because if the blade is blunt, a lot of extra friction will be generated, which will create a lot of heat. 

  • In between the cutting of the cast, keep turning off the cutter from time to time to keep it cool. This minimizes the risk of burning patients.

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