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Formfit Pro Wrist Brace - Ossur

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Ossur Formfit Pro Wrist Brace is a lightweight, compressive wrist sleeve for people suffering from chronic wrist pain, overuse injuries, sprains and strains, and Rheumatic Arthritis (RA).
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Ossur Formfit Pro Wrist Brace is constructed using superior signature 3D MotionTech knit, and ideal for injuries that may benefit from compression. Its range is the ultimate in breathable support technology for people who are passionate about their sport and activities. Unlike uncomfortable braces that trap moisture, the complete range is precision-engineered 3D knitted to deliver professional-grade compression. Proven superior to other leading brands for moisture wicking and breath-ability, Ossur Formfit Pro technology helps skin stay cool and comfortable.

Formfit Pro Wrist Brace features


Rheumatic Arthritis (RA) and other chronic pain conditions

Wrist sprain and strains

Overuse and pain conditions

Wrist tendinitis


Must not be used by individuals for whom compression is contraindicated


MotionTech for compression and dynamic fit has been proven to be superior to the leading brands at moisture wicking and breath-ability, keeping patients cool during wear

Malleable aluminum stays for a customized fit

CoolVent technology in thumb base area for extra breath-ability and comfort

The Radial Strap for increased compression and support

Formfit Pro Wrist benefits

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