Mosaic Art with Plaster Bandages

Mosaic Art with Plaster Bandages

Plaster bandages are very adaptable and conform to any shape. First introduced in the early 1800's as a splint for a broken limb, Plaster is now mostly used in art molds or sculptures by artists and other hobbyists.

Here at, we love seeing stylish ways our customers use plaster gauze bandages to create remarkable works of art. Plaster is also used to make belly molds, sculptures, pottery and scenery for model railroad enthusiast.

One of our customers, Cindy White at Art by Earth Mother Mosaics, recently sent us their twist on how they use plaster bandages in art. She creates amazing mosaic pieces out of strips of plaster! You can view more of her creativity at her website:

Her portfolio includes a list of creative designs and works, such as stained glass, wall art, candle holders, and vases. All her art pieces are incredibly unique. You can see by the detail that a great deal goes into her work, below are just 3 examples.

plaster bandage mosaic art

Here she has wrapped a ball in OrthoTape plaster gauge bandages, before adding a beautiful mosaic pattern over the top.

mosaic art ball

Next, she has designed a shoe in plaster gauze covered in mosaics. This is an awesome example of how versatile and well OrthoTape Plaster Gauge Bandages can conform to intricate molds. There is great detail in this piece and her creativity is inspiring.

plaster bandage shoe mosaic art

Here are a few pictures of the final design:

mosaic art ideasplaster mosaic art shoe ideasmosaic art mold

Finally, we have this beautiful mosaic cat wine bottle. The top of the bottle is designed to look like a cat head while the bottom is a wine bottle. This is a piece cat and wine lovers can really appreciate.

cat wine bottle mosaic art ideasmosaic art cat wine bottle

Cindy has so many beautiful pieces available, and we have only shared a few of the amazing works she has available. If you wish to purchase any of her art you can also view her Etsy page:

We thank Cindy for sharing her art with us and using our OrthoTape plaster bandages. We hope you too will consider using OrthoTape plaster gauze bandages for your next project! They are easily conformable, have a set time of 3-6 minutes, and come in four different sizes to fit different needs.
Medical grade plaster is safer to use and offers lower prices than many art supply stores. We have been voted #1 by schools, art teachers, artists, and expectant moms because our plaster bandages are non-toxic, as well as GMO and gluten-free.