When to Wear Ankle Brace?

Ankle braces have undergone a vast amount of improvement in designs and cost in the last couple of years. Today, ankle braces are available easily and in many different designs, and sometimes even sport-specific braces can be purchased. 

The basic purpose of an ankle brace is to provide extra support to the ankle after an injury to the area, or to prevent an ankle sprain from occurring in the first place, for example, in sports like volleyball. 

Using ankle braces for the prevention of ankle injuries has become common now. Many athletes, coaches, and parents often enquire about the importance of wearing an ankle brace and whether or not it can prevent injury. In fact, research has even shown that high school athletes who wear an ankle brace can successfully lower the rate of risk of acute ankle injuries, though it does not reduce the severity of an injury if one should occur. 

So when should you wear an ankle brace? Let's take a look.

When to wear an ankle brace?

Using ankle braces can prevent injuries to the ankle. Ankle braces can be used for a variety of purposes, including for high-intensity sports to even day-to-day activities. For individuals who experience regular ankle pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or just general chronic pain, wearing an ankle brace or ankle sleeve can offer compression and primary protection to help relieve the pain. 

For those who play regular sports, wearing an ankle brace can prove to be an essential tool in preventing injuries or in re-aggravating an old injury. 

An ankle brace is also recommended for those who are recovering from ankle surgery to keep providing support to the ankle while also restricting movement. All this helps in the recovery process. 

Why do you need an Ankle Brace?

It is essential to understand why you need to wear an ankle brace. The ligaments, muscles, and tendons present in the ankle, along with the bones of the ankle, all make up the internal support structures that keep your ankle safe from injury. These internal support structures are important links that connect your foot all the way up to your hip to let you walk, run, and play properly. An ankle brace works as external support to these internal supporting structures. 

An ankle brace restricts certain types of movements, including plantar flexion or inversion, which is a movement at the ankle joint that points the foot downward and away from the leg while turning your foot inward. This can cause serious injuries to the ankle. The ankle brace provides awareness to the body and brain of where the ankle joint is located. To achieve maximum effectiveness from your ankle brace, the brace should ideally fit comfortably inside your shoes when you are doing an activity. 

If you have been told to wear an ankle brace following an ankle injury, it is necessary to remember that your ankle brace is part of the rehabilitation treatment plan your doctor has put in place. Many athletes often face the problem of continuing ankle pain or being unable to achieve full function in their ankle because they did not give sufficient time for the ankle injury to heal correctly. 

What type of ankle brace do you need?

There are several types of ankle braces, and the exact kind of brace that you need depends on the severity of the injury or the purpose for which you are buying the brace. Here are the most common types of ankle braces:


  • Lightweight or mild-weight ankle braces: These are ideal for those who have experienced a first-degree ankle sprain or mild strain on their ankle. 



  • Medium or moderate support ankle braces: This type of ankle brace is for individuals who have gotten a second-degree ankle sprain and are more active in playing sports that require them to do side to side or lateral movements. Such types of ankle braces are also commonly used as preventative ankle braces to help prevent injuries in sports. 



  • Maximum support ankle braces: These are for those with a severe ankle sprain or a third degree Spain, combined with ankle instability. Maximum ankle braces help in the treatment of such severe sprains and are used by people who participate in extreme sports.


Where to buy the best ankle brace from?

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