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Shower Cast Cover

Each cover has a size chart. A common questions asked is, my cast is longer or shorter than the length indicated. The length shown, is total length of the cast cover. So if the cast cover is longer, it's ok. You just don't want the cast cover to be shorter. The most important part is the opening or circumference. You want to be sure it can give you a good seal around your arm (not cast). For the vacuum to be effective, it must seal around the skin.

Waterproof Cast Cover

DryPro keeps your cast dry when you want to swim or take a shower. There is a pump on the waterproof cast cover that allows you to remove the air from inside the cast cover. The latex material stretches around the cast and keeps water from coming inside the cast. The waterproof cast cover is a must have for family vacations.

We now sell the DryPro Product, XeroSox is no longer available.
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