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OrthoTape Neal Waterproof Long Arm Cast Kit

OrthoTape Neal Waterproof Long Arm Cast Kit

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OrthoTape Neal Cylindrical Long Arm Waterproof Cast Kit

OrthoTape Neal is perfect for swimming with a cast.  It is the best waterproof cast liner on the market today. 
OrthoTape Neal under-pad is a hypoallergenic, synthetic waterproof padding, in the form of stockinette, featuring Quick-Wick technology that allows a patient the ability to swim with a cast on their leg or arm.
OrthoTape NEAL Under-Pad contains a water repellent, circular- knitted material that drains water effortlessly.

General Information
  • Reduced Skin Irritation and Odor
  • OrthoTape NEAL Under-Pad is woven with an antimicrobial fabric blend that allows for fast drying to prevent skin irritation and unpleasant odor.
  • Superior Comfort
  • OrthoTape NEAL Under-Pad is soft and flexible.
  • It acts as an excellent protective pad between skin and casting tape.
  • The unique fabric blend also allows skin to breath beneath the hard cast to help reduce odor and discomfort.

Easy to Use
OrthoTape NEAL Under-Pad is a tubular bandage and does not require additional padding.
To use OrthoTape NEAL Under-Pad, simply slip it over the patient’s extremity and apply OrthoTape Casting tape for a strong, durable, and comfortable cast.

long arm cast waterproof

With OrthoTape Neal Waterproof cast kits. Casting tape is included with your kit!
Compared to it being an extra charge add on with our other brands of water proof casting!

waterproof cast cost
Make sure your doctor or cast technician gets this application video so they know how to apply your cast correctly.

Remind your doctor to, Always use the smaller cylindrical padding first, then put the larger on top of it.
So the 2" Cylindrical Padding goes on first, then the 3" over top so that is is double layered for thickness.
how to apply a cast

dry cast if it gets wet

*This product should be applied by a trained medical professional or for educational training.  Always consult a doctor prior to use.

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