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DELTA DRY Water Resistant Short Arm Cast Padding Kit

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Delta Dry cast is perfect waterproof cast for broken wrist. This waterproof materials allows you to swim or shower with an arm cast.
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Delta Dry Waterproof Cast Padding for a Short Arm Cast

A Broken arm or hand before vacation can be a bummer.
For those who suffer a broken wrist or hand, waterproof cast padding is now an option for keeping your cast clean and germ free.
Delta Dry waterproof cast padding can be used under a fiberglass cast to make it completely waterproof.
You can now swim, bathe, shower, wash the car all while having a waterproof cast.
Traditional casts would be soaking wet and build up germs and begin to smell.

Delta Dry out performs other waterproof cast padding.
Delta Dry has the conformity of traditional cast padding with a soft feel.
Other products tend to bunch up, creating an uncomfortable wrinkled cast.
waterproof cast care

Easy cast removal Delta Dry does not require special tools such as a Saw Stop strip.
Other products require this due to thin padding.
Delta Dry is a thicker softer cast padding.
Delta-Dry waterproof cast padding is individually packaged keeping it sanitary.

100% Satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason the product fails you. We just require that you provide photographic proof of failure. Please do not throw away the product. Simply snap a photo of the issue and we will either replace or refund you for any issues. Please note that cast cracking is a result of the application process. The cast technician must reinforce certain heavily used areas with multiple layers to prevent any cast cracks. If for some reason your cast does crack. You can simply apply a new roll over top to repair it.

*This product should be applied by a trained medical professional or for educational training. Always consult a doctor prior to use. Note: A waterproof cast is an alternative to traditional casting materials that cannot get wet. If a traditional cast gets wet, it is ruined and must be removed immediately. However, this does not mean that you can get your waterproof cast wet all day long and not allow a drying period. We recommend that you allow a drying period between wetting times such as bathing or swimming. A hair dryer on a low setting can speed up the process, but body heat needs to evaporate the remaining damp water inside the cast. This allows the patient to get a cast wet, and it not be ruined. But the cast still needs a drying time that will vary by person and cast type between wet periods in order to achieve full dryness.

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