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Ankle Sprain | Fracture

Medical Walking Boot

A walking boot can be used for a broken foot, sprained ankle or broken toe to help you protect you injury while you recover.
We have 3 types of walking cast boots available.
  • Adjustable inflation (often called an Air Boot) allow the patient to inflate an air bladder to the needed compression for to help with swelling.
  • Non-inflated this boot has no inflatable bladder, but provide basic support for patients with minor sprains, or broken foot or toe.
  • ROM (Range-of-Motion) This type of boot allows the angle of the ankle to have a fixed set point or allows a range of movement between a set angle. This type of medical boot provides beyond 90 degrees of flex if needed. There is also a rocker bottom boot, thus its name, which allows a natural rocking motion of your foot. You may need to ask your health care provide if the ankle needs to be fixed or allowed to move.
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