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Walk Easy Adult Tripod Cane Model 345

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Check out this cool walking stick! The Walk Easy Adult Tripod Cane model 345 is available at the Orthotape Superstore.
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Walk Easy Adult Tripod Cane Model 345

The Walk Easy Adult Tripod Cane Model 345 is epoxy-coated youth/adult straight-neck tripod cane with reinforced cross sections. This tripod cane comes with a Derby handle and Clip adjustment. Model 345 is height adjustable and measures grip to floor from 26" to 36" (66 cm. to 91 cm.) and its base size is 11" (29 cm.) x 12" (30 cm.).

Brand: Walk Easy
Sold as: Single
Max. user weight: 200 lbs. (91 kgs)
Approx. user height: 4'4” to 5'10” (132 to 178 cm)
Availability: In stock

Product Details

Material Properties: Aluminum
Grip Properties: Hard
Weight (each): 32.0 oz (907.2 grs.)
Warranty: Limited
Medicare HCPCS code: E0105
Shipping weight: 5.0 lbs. (dimensional weight: 16 lbs.)

Product Sizing

Size: Adult
Grip length: 4¾”
Grip diameter: 1 and 1/8”
Grip to floor: 27.0” to 36.3” (69 to 92 cm)
Next smaller model: 335

The following parts are available for Model 345:
T10: Pivoflex crutch tips with flex action
C05: Replacement adjustment clip (tripod/quad canes)

cool walking stick adult tripod cane

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