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Volar Dorsal Wrist Splint Kit - OrthoTape

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Our OrthoTape Padded Fiberglass Pre-Cut Splint material kit has everything you need in a splint kit to make the Volar Dorsal Wrist Splint.
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Volar Dorsal Wrist Splint Kit - OrthoTape

Everything you need in a splint kit to make the Volar Dorsal Wrist Splint. Our OrthoTape Padded Synthetic Pre-Cut Splint material is a unique quick setting splint system that already has the padding built in. No need to add extra padding or stockinette to make the splint. Simply remove from pouch, wet, trim and form around the patient's limb. Then apply our self adhesive bandages included with your kit to hold the splint in place. Allow 5-7 minutes for the splint to set and solidify.

VolarDorsal splinting is a technique for handling traumatic and non-traumatic injuries of the hand and wrist. The splint immobilizes and supports the metacarpals and carpals permitting room for swelling. The splint can be easily removed to examine wounds if necessary.

What is a volar splint used for?

Volar/dorsal splints are splints that extend from the middle of the forearm to the distal palmar crease (top crease in the palm). ... A volar/dorsal splint is usually applied with the wrist in a slightly extended position and is most commonly used for the following injuries: Soft tissue injuries of the wrist and hand. ( https://study.com/academy/lesson/forearm-wrist-splints-volar-dorsal-single-sugar-tong.html)

Kit includes:

1- prepackaged OrthoTape Synthetic Splint (choose size)
1- roll of self adhesive bandage (choice of color)
1- roll of synthetic cast padding
1- pair of gloves


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