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Thumb Spica Splint Kit - OrthoTape

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Our OrthoTape Padded Fiberglass Pre-Cut Splint material kit has everything you need in a splint kit to make the Thumb Spica Splint.
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Thumb Spica Splint Kit - OrthoTape

Everything you need in a splint kit to make the Thumb Spica Splint. Our OrthoTape Padded Synthetic Pre-Cut Splint material is a unique quick setting splint system that already has the padding built-in. No need to add extra padding or stockinette to make the splint. Simply remove from pouch, wet, trim and form around the patient's limb. Then apply our self-adhesive bandages included with your kit to hold the splint in place. Allow 5-7 minutes for the splint to set and solidify.

What is a Thumb Spica Splint used for?

A spica splint is a type of orthopedic splint used to immobilize the thumb and/or wrist while allowing the other digits freedom to move. It is used to provide support for thumb injuries (ligament instability, sprain or muscle strain), gamekeeper's thumb, osteoarthritis, de Quervain's syndrome or fractures of the scaphoid, lunate, or first metacarpal. It is also suitable for post-operative use or after removal of a hand/thumb cast. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spica_splint)

Kit includes:

1- prepackaged OrthoTape Synthetic Splint (choose size)
1- roll of self adhesive bandage (choice of color)
1- pair of gloves

Thumb Spica splint info

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