Purchase Orders

We are happy to provide our Schools, Hospitals, Doctors, and Clinics net 30 days.

Purchase Order account:

If you would like to create an account where we can bill you net/30 days through a purchase order. You will choose the Purchase Order account.

To get your account approved fast make sure to enter your company name and your tax ID. We verify all accounts to prevent fraud.

If you have further questions or need help setting up the account. We can set up an account for you on our end which will allow you to check out and put in a purchase order number so that you can check out and get billed net/30.

If you prefer the old way or rather have us set up your account, you can submit purchase orders or questions to us by email at [email protected].

Note: An official purchase order is a legally signed document with official signatures of company officials that are authorized to make purchases and create a legal contract for payment of goods shipped.