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Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders


Anyone can make a purchase online at our website. We sell to both doctors and patients. No prescription is needed.

If you are a business and you wish to obtain credit to pay net 30 days. You will need to submit a purchase order below or by email.

An Official Purchase order is a legally signed document with official signatures of company officials that are authorized to make purchases and creates a legal contract for payment of goods shipped.

Please be sure to add of your items and use our shipping calculator to estimate your shipping cost.

You can do this at www.orthotape.com
This will ensure your totals are correct and accurate on your company purchase order before submission.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at sales@orthotape.com

(Please note, we have had in the past fraudulent purchase orders. A customer will pretend to be a business and submit what appears to be a purchase order attempting to obtain product illegally. When this occurs we work with the local authorities to prosecute. We verify all information as to it being a legitimate purchase order from a qualifying business.)