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Plaster Bandages

Plaster Bandages | Plaster Gauze | Plaster Cloth

Plaster gauze bandage wrap cloth.  It has many names, but is really the same thing.  Plaster impregnated on to a gauze cloth. Plaster is mined from gypsum and is produced by heating gypsum to 300ºF Plaster Bandages are used in many different ways. Temporary medical casts will immobilize a limb prior to the application of a permanent cast. Plaster is also used in art molds and can also be used to make pregnancy belly casts, face masks, dress molds, life casting body molds, and mountains for model train sets.  OrthoTape's brand is fast setting in 2-4 minutes.  We have received many honorable mentions regarding the quality of our plaster bandages.

Many names, essentially the same thing.
Gauze with plaster of Paris on a roll,
 used for Art Hobby Supply or Medical Use.

Gluten and Latex free.
FDA tested and registered for safety.

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