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Dorsal Night Splint

Dorsal Night Splints - Pain In Back of Heel - Foot Pain in Morning

Patients will often complain of pain in back of heel or foot pain in morning. Using a night splint to help stretch your plantar ligament can give you some relief. We carry many different brands including; DeRoyal, OSSUR and Darco Dorsal Night Splints. These foot pain splints are designed to fit the front of the leg and foot. Straps are used to pull the toes upward, providing dorsalflexion. This stretching action provides a deep stretch to the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia ligament. Because of it's unique design, the dorsal night splint is often called the most comfortable of the night splints.
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Bird Cronin Night Splint NAP
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Ossur Airform Night Splint
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Darco Body Armor Night Splints
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Ossur Exoform Dorsal Night Splints
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