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Pediatric Walker Fracture Boot - Ossur

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Ossur Pediatric Cam Walker Fracture Boot
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Pediatric Cam Walkers are designed to stabilize and protect the lower leg, ankle and foot. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for an active child who requires stability following a sprain, stress fracture, or surgery.


Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains

Stable fractures

During postoperative or rehab phase.


High quality rigid outer skeleton for protection

Dense foam lining within the sole to provide comfort and support

Shock absorbing sole to improve comfort and protects the user from slips, providing additional security in each step

Uprights give additional stability by restricting motion of the leg

Lightweight design helps in keeping kids active

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OrthoTape.com is an authorized dealer of these products and guarantee its authenticity and craftsmanship.Unlike eBay and Amazon that sell either a knock-off brand or an out of date item.We get our products directly from the manufacturer as an authorized dealer.We also back our products with great customer service.You always have someone you can call!

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For children, we recommend the doctor make a short leg walking cast with a heel. The reason, we find that many boots of this type do not fit exactly with children and sometimes even adults. They don't make 1/2 size options in Ortho boots so the fit in not always perfect. No matter what brand pediatric boot you purchase. If you find a great fit, perfect. If you end up having size issues. We'd suggest the below option.

Scroll through the photos of the heels and you can see what a fiberglass Short leg walking cast is. We also make them in Waterproof Materials as well.

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