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Concise Knee Patella Stabilizer - DeRoyal

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The concise patella stabilizer was designed with neoprene materials providing warmth, compression, and support to the knee patella.
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Concise Patella Knee Stabilizer – DeRoyal

The Concise Patella Stabilizer is a low-profile, lightweight solution to addressing patella subluxation and patella tracking problems.  The Patella Stabilizer features a unique strapping system that helps hold the patella in the desired position.  The low-profile design allows is comfortable to wear even during activity.  The Patella Stabilizer is made with a breathable material that helps keep you cool by drawing moisture away from the skin.


Medial or lateral patellar subluxation


Patellofemoral tracking dysfunction


1/8 neoprene construction provides warmth, compression and support

Also available in breathable Tri-tex material

Low profile design allows for increased range of motion during activity

Unique strapping system helps pull patella into desired position

Universal right/left


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