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Formfit Shoulder Brace - Ossur

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Formfit Shoulder Brace is designed to provide immobilization following shoulder injury or surgery.
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Reimbursement Codes: L3670 and L3960

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The Formfit Shoulder Brace is designed to provide immobilization following shoulder injury/surgery. With its streamlined fit, sporty look, and breath-ability it offers excellent comfort and ease of use. Same as its predecessor, the SmartSling, the Formfit Shoulder Brace also provides abduction of the shoulder (when the abduction pillow is attached), or external rotation of the shoulder (when the external rotation pillow is attached). Optional axilla pillow helps distribute weight over a larger surface area and decreases pressure on the ulnar nerve. The versatile shoulder brace is also available with a customizable airplane kit for patients that require precise positioning following shoulder surgery.

Formfit Shoulder Brace add on options


Immobilization for rotator cuff repairs

Bankart Repairs

Capsular Shift

Gleno humeral dislocation/subluxations


Breathable material

Quick-release buckles

Offloading strap

Extra padding

Universal thumb loop

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