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Gypsona S Plaster of Paris Splints 3 In x 15 Inch - 50 Rolls

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3 inch Gypsona S Plaster Splints are the premium choice of Plaster of Paris which allows well fitting, strong and durable casts, with the benefit of easy application and short setting time.
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Gypsona S Plaster of Paris Splints 3 In x 3 Inch - 50 Rolls

BSN Medical Gypsona S Fast Setting Plaster Splints uses creamy plaster of Paris and plastic core bandages for ease of applications and a smooth finish. These plaster splints are highly moldable, and have a nice, smooth finish. Ideally for surgery facilities and orthopedic clinics.

It features a plastic core, preventing shriveling and improving overall handling. Interlocking leno weave gauze adds stability. When activated with water, it has a thick creamy texture that is pleasant and easy to mold. Set times are consistent, starting at 4 - 8 minutes after activation for the Fast Setting Bandages, and just 2 - 4 minutes for the Extra Fast Setting Bandages. The Plaster of Paris is formulated for strength, helping prevent cast breakdowns during the vulnerable curing phase. 

Sold by the box of 50 rolls in moisture resistant packaging.

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