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Aquacast FORM FIT Waterproof Short Arm Padding Kit

Aquacast FORM FIT Waterproof Short Arm Padding Kit

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Easy one piece FormFit for the perfect fit.  Easy application every time. 

Aquacast Form Fit Waterproof Cast Padding for a short arm cast. 

You use your hands for everything. If you break your hand or wrist a waterproof cast is now an option you have to keep your cast clean and germ free. AquaCast waterproof FORM FIT liner can be used under a fiberglass cast to make it completely waterproof. You can now swim, bathe, shower, wash the car all while having a waterproof cast.AquaCast Form Fit is a unique one piece padding designed to conform to your wrist and forearm. It can easily be trimmed for a perfect fit every time.

How to choose the correct size.

A waterproof cast is simply made up of two parts.
Waterproof Padding and Fiberglass casting tape.
Both of those components are waterproof materials.

Our waterproof cast kits come with waterproof padding only.
However, you have the option to add fiberglass casting tape to the kit.

Each kit comes with 1-ft. of Saw Stop
protective strip and 1 Form Fit padding.
Saw stop strip is used under the cast during cast removal.
This helps to prevent skin contact with the cast saw during removal.

*INFANT -5yrs The Form Fit liner may be too
small to fit a child under the age of 5.
You may need to use rolls of padding as
an alternative. See our roll kits here:

Step#1. Roll Padding Kits 

Choose the correct size/amounts.
Form fit may not fit a child under 5 yrs old.

Child (6 yrs-11 yrs)-
Kit Includes 1-Small Form Fit Waterproof Cast Liner.

Teen (12-16 yrs)-
Kit Includes
1-Medium Form Fit Waterproof Cast Liner.

Female Adult (17- up)-
Kit Includes 1-Medium Form Fit Waterproof Cast Liner.

Adult male (17 - up)-
Kit Includes 1-Large Form Fit Waterproof Cast Liner.

Step#2.Add Cast Tape to Order  Get it now. We sell it for less than the doctor.  Plus you are guaranteed that color choice.

Cast tape is the outer hard shell of the cast.

Choose this add on if you want casting tape to come with your kit.

(6 yrs-10 yrs) and (11- 14 yrs) - 3-2" rolls of casting tape.

(15-19 yrs) and (Adult male)- 1-3" Roll and 2-2" rolls of casting tape.

Then Choose a color choice for your casting tape.

AquaCast Liner, is a unique waterproof, breathable cast padding that allows you to continue your normal routine at home and at work without worrying about keeping your cast dry. Used in place of cotton underneath a fiberglass cast, AquaCast Liner allows you to:
  • Bathe or shower
  • Minimize cast odor and itching
  • Swim
  • Wash your hands
  • Bathe your children
  • Begin hydrotherapy
  • Wash the dishes, the car, the dog - without the hassle of trying to protect your cast from getting wet.

    When a fiberglass cast padded AquaCast padding gets wet, most of the water drains quickly out of the ends of your cast. The remaining moisture is warmed by body heat, becomes vapor and passes through the Cast Liner and fiberglass casting tape. No special drying is necessary.

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