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Strong Fiberglass Repair Tape | 2 INCH X 50 in | 2-PACK - Fix It Wrap

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Fix It Wrap | Strong Fiber Fix Repair Tape | just like Fiberfix it can fix and repair just about anything.
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2 INCH FixIt Wrap Incredibly Strong Fiberglass Repair Tape Compare to Fiberfix 2-PACK

You get 2 full rolls of Fix it wrap just like FiberFix.
Compare to Fiber Fix! At a much lower price! A Better fix than Duct Tape Repairs!
Fix It Wrap is fiberglass tape with a high resin content impregnated onto a very strong high weave fiberglass cloth. Think of it in terms of thread count. Fix It Wrap has a higher thread count creating a much stronger tape. Add strong resin and you have an steel like repair tape. Perfect for repair of just about anything. It holds better, seals better, sticks better than traditional fiberglass tape.
Getting frustrated with cheap products that break easily. Why buy new when you can fix it with Fix It Wrap. This unique product can fix almost anything. It uses the properties of fiberglass tape mixed with high bonding resin to create a steel like repair. Give it a try. It's a must have for any repair shop, hunting lodge, fishing trip, doomsday prepper kit and many more repair situations. You will find a similar brand on the market called FiberFix which is more expensive, ours is of high quality at a much lower price.

* Want to develop your own brand of Fix It wrap. We produce this unique product for many customers with private labeling. In addition, we have other industrial fiberglass tapes available for many different applications. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about a private label product.

Fix-It Wrap Strong Fiberglass Repair tape. Compare to FiberFix at a lower cost to you. 100x Stronger Than Duct Tape

Size options:

2 INCH (100mm) x 50"

Frequent Question: Can I just use regular casting tape and do the same thing?

You can used regular casting tape for repair or hobby work. But Fix It wrap was designed better and stronger. Our fiberglass tape has a higher resin (poly urethane) content. So that allows it to stick better to things such as plastics. It also has a higher weave or tread count. So that makes the fiber tape much stronger. Normal cast tape can be torn easily when it is still wet and also when it is dry. Where as Fix It wrap is very strong to start and at finish. There are many people out there who just use regular casting tape for hobby use. But if you need something to adhere better and to be stronger. Give the Fix It Wrap a try. We guarantee you will be happy with it!

shovel repair with strong tape
Item breaks at the most inconvenient times. Don't replace it, FixIt Wrap it!
Wet thoroughly
FixIt Wrap is water activated. Simply submerse the roll of FixIt Wrap and remove excess water.
Wrap tightly
Wrap directly over the break and DiamondWrap will start to harden.
Go back to work
After 10 minutes FixIt Wrap hardens like steel. You'll be back to work in no time.

hammer repair with strong tape

FiberFix is a registered trademark of the FiberFix company and not affiliated with this product or company.100% Satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason the product fails you. We just require that you provide photographic proof of failure. Please do not throw away the product. Simply snap a photo of the issue and we will either replace or refund you for any issues.

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