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Exoform Knee Immobilizer - Ossur

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The Ossur Exoform Knee Immobilizer provides more adjustable features than any other knee immobilizer on the market.
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(Available in Cool or Full Foam.)

The Exoform Knee Immobilizer is the most adjustable knee immobilizer available. Ossur's unique Slide-to-Size approach enables the care provider to fit the widest variety of patients. This allows you to reduce your inventory. The Exoform's unique posterior stay and dual-cuff design deliver greater immobilization compared to the old-style soft good approach.





Slide-to-size adjustment enables you to provide the right fit for the largest variety of patient lengths and widths

provides superior fit and limits migration

Cool foam version can be worn directly against the skin for greater comfort on warm days

Full foam version provides warmth and compression

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