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EV8 Digital TENS Unit (2 Channel) - BodyMed

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BodyMed EV8 Digital 2-Channel TENS Unit provides a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce acute and chronic pain.
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BodyMed EV8 Digital TENS Unit features a non-invasive pain relief through TENS and EMS stimulation. This unit features TENS stimulation with three modes, adjustable pulse width, pulse rate, and timer. It can also be used as an EMS unit, which can help to improve blood flow and range of motion. A large LCD display shows program information, and the buttons are easy to use. The BodyMed EV8 Digital 2-Channel TENS Unit has a flip cover and comes in a protective case as well as a belt clip.


Electrical pulse system that causes passive exercise

3 stimulation modes

Flip-top cap over the amplitude adjustment knobs prevents unintended changes

Utilizes standard lead wires and "pigtail style" electrodes

Large LCD reading

Includes 2 wires, 1 pack (4) electrodes, manual and 9 volt battery

Patient compliance meter up to 999 hours

Storage of the last used settings

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