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Full Length Patella Knee Stabilizer - DeRoyal

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The DeRoyal Knee Patella Stabilizer designed in a Full-length brace for extra support and compression of the knee patella.
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Full-Length Patella Knee Stabilizer – DeRoyal

The Full-Length Patella Stabilizer is a full-length design providing maximum support and compression while addressing patella subluxation and patella tracking problems.  The Full-Length Patella Stabilizer features a unique strapping system that helps hold the patella in the desired position.  In addition, a horseshoe shaped pad can be positioned to further prevent movement of the patella.  The brace also features hinges to provide ligament support.

The Full-Length Patella Stabilizer is made with a breathable material that helps keep you cool by drawing moisture away from the skin.  The material also has a four-way stretch to comfortably conform to the leg making the brace ideal during activity.  From product design to material selection, this brace was built with comfort and support in mind.


Medial or lateral patellar subluxation


Patellofemoral tracking dysfunction


1/8  neoprene construction provides warmth, compression and support

Also available in breathable Tri-tex material

Full-length design for maximum support and compression

Unique strapping system helps pull patella into desired position

Horseshoe-shaped pad can be placed on medial or lateral side of patella

Medial and lateral hinges for additional ligament support (Tri-tex only)

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