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Patella Knee Band - DeRoyal

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This Patella Knee Band by DeRoyal is constructed from neoprene material for exceptional durability and strength.
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Patella Knee Band - DeRoyal

The Patella Band treats Patella Tendonitis (commonly called Jumper’s Knee) and Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease.

Patella tendonitis commonly develops from overuse and jumping movements (hence the name Jumper’s Knee) and can be painful.  The Patella Band features a unique strapping system that allows you to control the amount of tension over the patella tendon to alleviate the pain.  The pull-up design is quick and easy to apply.  This low-profile, durable support is comfortable and will not migrate or slide down the leg during activity.


Patellar tendonitis

Osgood-Schlatter’s disease

Jumper’s knee


Constructed of neoprene for durability

Unique bi-lateral strapping allows for greater control of buttress tension over patellar tendon

Pull up design helps promote compliance and reduce migration

Low profile design provides patient comfort

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