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OrthoTape Fiberglass Cast Tape 4 INCH Box (10 ROLLS) CLEARANCE

OrthoTape Fiberglass Cast Tape 4 INCH Box (10 ROLLS) CLEARANCE

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  • SEE INSTRUCTIONS INFO:Clearance is slightly sticky

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OrthoTape Fiberglass Casting Tape 4 Inch X 4yrds. (10-rolls)  

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We would like to suggest a better method for getting the perfect use out of this fiberglass casting tape.  It is called the Dry Method.  It is a method that uses less water which is better for the environment.  You may have been previously taught to dunk or submerge the casting tape into water for 30 seconds.  This method does not allow you to get good control of the casting tape during application.  In addition, you tend to get the padding and stockinette soaked during application which can cause the cast to smell.  To use the dry method, simply use a spray bottle, lightly spraying each layer after applying.  Or simply dip your gloved hands into water and rub the cast gently with a light amount of water.   This will allow you more time to work with the casting tape as well as help in forming the cast around the many bends of the body.

NOTICE: Remember to inform your doctor that this is the preferred method for our casting tape.

Steps:  (assumes the padding and stockinette are already applied to limb.)

1.        Apply gloves so you do not get any resin or dye on your hands.

2.       Open pouch and begin wrapping layers over padding and stockinette. (never directly to skin).

3.       Overlap approximately ½” and never pulling hard on the tape.   If you unroll a little, then wrap, it becomes much easier to apply and also does not cause the cast to be too tight.

4.       Lightly spray the first layer or dip gloved hands in water and rub layer gently.

5.       Apply second layer and repeat.

6.       For the finished cast simply spray lightly or dip hands again and rub cast to a shiny finish.  This will give the perfect looking cast.

The new batch will be in this summer 2017

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