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Anklizer Pediatric Child Ankle Cam Boot

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Anklizer Pediatric Child Cam Walker Boot Designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains
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Pediatric sizes provide a durable, more comfortable alternative to casting. This ankle walker has lightweight plastic uprights and a deluxe foam liner that can be washed when necessary.


Designed to stabilize and protect the ankle and foot

Durable walker with plastic uprights provides a comfortable alternative to casting

Deluxe laminated foam liner can be removed and washed

Leg straps thread through struts for extra stability and compression

Loop-and-lock straps for easy application and removal

Closed-cell foam insole and heel cushion helps absorb and dissipate foot strike shock

Two foam pads included to use as needed for fit and cushioning

The left or right application reduces inventory requirements


For children, we recommend the doctor make a short leg walking cast with a heel. The reason, we find that many boots of this type do not fit exactly with children and sometimes even adults. They don't make 1/2 size options in Ortho boots so the fit in not always perfect. No matter what brand pediatric boot you purchase. If you find a great fit, perfect. If you end up having size issues. We'd suggest the below option.
Scroll through the photos of the heels and you can see what a fiberglass Short leg walking cast is. We also make them in Waterproof Materials as well.
See here:https://www.orthotape.com/waterproof-short-leg-cast-kits.asp

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