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Cast Cooler relief from cast itch and odor

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Cast Cooler provides quick Relief form an Itchy Cast or Cast Odor
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Cast Cooler Relief from an Itchy Cast and Cast Odor.

If you find the need to scratch your cast often or you have a smelly cast. There is a unique way to cool your orthopedic cast. This CastCooler pulls air through your cast, drying and making it cool. Also if you have a waterproof cast, it's great for sucking the water out to dry your cast faster.
Two ways to use the cast cooler.

  • Wet Vacuum to suck air through the cast.
  • Hair Dryer set on a cool setting to blow air into the cast.

cast cooler cast itch

*If drying a wet waterproof cast after swimming or showering, we recommend a wet/dry vac.

Additional benefits:
If you should accidentally get your cast wet, whether from bathing, an encounter with the lawn sprinkler or a dip in the pool, use the Cast Cooler to help dry the cast lining. If your cast becomes soaked with water, be sure to use a wet/dry compatible vac as liquid moisture will be drawn through the cast into your vac.  You can also blow air into the cast with a hairdryer set on a cool setting.

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