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Cam Walker Fracture Boot

Choose the Cam Walker you need based on type.

Cam Walker
-Provides basic support
-Foam liner
-Economical price
-Best for little or no swelling
Use: Leg, Foot, or Ankle
-Ankle Fixed at 90º

Cam Walker
-Provides added support.
-Increased comfort
-Premium Materials
-Best for swelling
-Helps provide compression
-Ankle Fixed at 90º

Range of Motion
Cam Walker
-Use when ankle or foot needs
fixed at a certain angle.
-Used for specific injury types.
-Range of motion allows
 plantar and dorsal
flexion. ±45º

Cam Walkers
are also called Fracture Boots, Air Casts, Cam Boots, Foot braces, Ankle Boot, Ankle Walkers, Ortho Boots and a variety of other names.  They differ in 2 ways, some are non-inflated while others have an adjustable air bladder for inflation of the boot.   To help heal the injury, medical fracture boots can also be fixed at the ankle or allowed to have a range of motion should your doctor allow this.  Below list a variety of ways a cam walker boot can help heal your injury.

3 Cam Walker versions to meet your specific injury management needs.

  1. Adjustable inflation-(also knows as Air Cast) provide the patient with an inflatable air bladder giving needed compression for increased stabilization of the injury. This fracture boot accommodates different swelling patterns that often are associated with the recovery process.
  2. Non-inflated- This cam walker boot has no inflatable bladder, but provide basic support for patients with minor injuries.  They provide an economical solution for your injury.
  3. ROM (Range-of-Motion)-This cam walker fracture boot sets the angle of the ankle to a fixed set point or allows a range of movement between a set angle. This type of medical boot provides beyond 90 degrees of flex if needed. It's best to ask your health care provider if the ankle needs to be fixed or allowed to move.
Cam Walkers also differ by the base of the foot. Some are wide for a comfort fit and some have memory foam to conform to the foot. These are also designed to fit either foot (so there is no need to choose LEFT or RIGHT) and come in HIGH and LOW top depending on your specific needs.