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F8 Ankle Support Brace - Bird Cronin

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Thin, yet strong ballistic type nylon is less bulky for a comfortable fit.
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F8 Ankle Brace – Bird & Cronin

The F8 Ankle Brace is designed to support and protect ankles. Its figure 8 configuration eliminates taping. The figure 8 straps are made of non-stretch lightweight nylon. Its elastic panel at the Achilles provides superior comfort and fit. The brace's knit tongue is cool and allows for easy application. This brace comes in the color of black only.


Designed to provide stability, compression, and inversion/eversion control

Thin yet strong ballistic-type nylon provides maximum support and durability

Lacing provides adjustable fit and ability to pin-point anterior compression

Durable-nylon figure-8 straps provide benefits of taping

Stockinette tongue and elastic posterior panel for a comfortable fit

The support fits easily into most athletic and casual shoes

The left or right application reduces inventory requirements

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