The Benefits of Using a Massage Therapy Gun

When someone is experiencing stress, tension, or pain, one of the worst things they can be asked is, “Have you tried relaxing?” Never mind how dismissive of one’s problems this alleged advice sounds, or how rarely it helps with the issues’ root causes. Relaxing can be difficult if not impossible for bodies under serious strain or chronic pain.

With that said, massage therapy can have noticeable and positive effects on aching bodies. We are big advocates of it here at, especially with the use of a massage therapy gun. In this article, we will highlight the benefits so you can choose whether to give it a try.

What is a Massage Therapy Gun?

We should start with the “massage therapy” part of the term. This type of treatment involves the strategic application of pressure to the body’s affected areas — anywhere with knots, tension, and tightness. The goal is to loosen the various soft tissues layered under that part, such as the muscles, tendons, and skin.

Massage therapy guns are nowhere near as violent as they sound. Also known as percussion massagers, their only resemblance to pistols is in their appearance, not their function. These tools feature a vibrating head meant to be pressed onto the skin. They are handheld and typically wireless, which makes them easy to manipulate.

These devices should not be confused with other types of massage devices. They are designed to push deeper into the tissue with greater force. Far from just being about feeling good, massage therapy guns are supposed to be genuinely therapeutic.

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Getting a pleasant massage for medical purposes may sound just a bit too good to be true. The skeptical impulse is understandable, but science does back up massage therapy. If you want to know how exactly it is supposed to help, read on for an explanation of the treatment’s medical benefits.

Inflammation Relief

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts live by the mantra of “no pain, no gain.” While pushing the limits of one’s body is integral to working out, feeling sore afterward may not feel like a welcome reward. This sensation is a side effect of inflammation in the tissue, which means something can be done about it.

That “something” can be massage therapy. After testing the strength of your muscles and taxing your physical ability, a different kind of bodywork can provide great post-workout relief. Moreover, it can reduce inflammation by relaxing the tissues around the parts that received the most strain. The result is decreased soreness — gain with less pain.

Decreased Tension

The term “tense” can refer to both a medical phenomenon and an anxious state of mind. This is one case where the two share a genuine link: stress can cause your muscles to tighten. Even if the source of strain is tough or downright impossible to tackle, loosening the muscles can still improve your health and life.

Massage therapy is great for loosening muscles. When you feel tension anywhere in your body, stroking and rubbing that area can stimulate your sensory cells. The pleasant feeling can diminish or remove that tautness. If you do it on your own, make sure to also get the neighboring regions around the spot as well.

Increased Circulation

Massage therapy is not just good after working out. You can use it as part of your warm-up routine. Fitness fans have one for a reason: exercise goes much better when you limber up beforehand. A little mild activity before your real reps boosts the circulation in your body. Most people stick with stretching, but massage therapy can benefit you in that way as well.

Beyond pre-workout perks, the circulatory benefits of massage therapy may also be welcome when one is in pain. Muscle damage can result in congested veins, and the build-up of blood can only add to one’s soreness and strain. Careful deep-tissue rubbing can reopen them, allowing blood to filter normally once more.

Why Specifically a Massage Therapy Gun?

The three benefits described above are only a few of the ones that massage therapy can offer to aching bodies. The question, then, is what do massage therapy guns have to offer? This specific method of receiving the treatment comes with its perks, which we will describe here.

Lower Costs

The more typical method of receiving this treatment is through the well-trained hands of a masseuse. These professionals use hand chops and fingertip force to target pressure points and rub aching areas. As nice as receiving that personal touch can be, regular visits can also quickly get pricy.

Massage therapy guns, on the other hand, are a perfectly suitable substitute that requires a one-time purchase. They can untangle your knots, relax your muscles, and provide relief again and again. Repeated uses may save you money in the long run. Budget-conscious individuals who already spend plenty on other treatments and medications may appreciate that.

Flexibility and Customization

On a similar note, you may not need another person to assist you with massage therapy when you use a massage therapy gun. These devices are usually designed with long handles, so most users can reach even the small of their back on their own. That way, the person controlling the experience is also the person who knows what you need: you.

That is not the only aspect of this tool that offers flexibility. Most massagers come with multiple heads, each one approaching the task in different ways. The tools almost always offer a few vibration speed settings, easily adjusted with the push of a button. People can customize their experiences to suit their body’s needs, even if those needs change from moment to moment.

Massage Therapy Guns at

Massage therapy guns give people all the benefits of this relaxing treatment and greater control over how they receive it. If you are interested in trying it out, you can find high-quality percussive massagers right here at Order one today to give yourself the relief your body needs and deserves.