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Analog 250 TENS Unit - BodyMed

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BodyMed Analog 250 TENS Unit features a high-quality, affordable, all-in-one electrotherapy solution.
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BodyMed's Analog 250 TENS Unit is a portable unit perfectly adapted to be able to relieve pain on-the-go. Dual isolated channels with asymmetrical output, you can adjust the pulse rate and intensity as you move throughout your day. If you are in pain, simply set your adjustments to a more comfortable pulse setting and let the unit work for you. The unit has three modes of operation: conventional, burst or modulation. Comes with a timer for added convenience.


Great for Pain Relief on-the-go

Dual Isolated Channels for Better Output

Adjustable Pulse Settings for Maximum Customization

Trio of Operative Modes for the Best Experience

Timer Included so You can Pace your Healing

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