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Walk Easy Youth Underarm Crutches Model 611 (pair)

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Walk Easy Youth Underarm colored Crutches model 611 with foam pads, grips, and height adjustable
Part Number: Walk Easy 611
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Model 611 Walk Easy Youth Underarm Crutches

Epoxy-coated youth underarm (or axillary) crutches with foam pads and grips. Double push-button height adjustable to accommodate individuals from 4'6" to 5'2" (137 cm to 157 cm). Grooved tubing for easier grip adjustments.

Brand: Walk Easy
Sold as: Pair
Max. user weight: 220 lbs. (100 kgs)
Availability: In stock

Product Details:

Other names: Axillary crutches, axilla crutches
Weight (each): 33.8 oz (958.2 gm.)
Warranty: Limited
Medicare HCPCS code: E0114
Shipping weight: 3.0 lbs. (dimensional weight: 13 lbs.)

Product Sizing:

Size: Youth
Grip to floor: 22.3” to 36.3” (57 to 92 cm)
Grip to cuff: Measured from top of the grip to top of cuff 7.7” to 13.7” (20 to 35 cm)

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