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Patella Knee Band

Knee Band Patella Strap

A Knee band Patella strap can provide focused compression on the patellar tendon ligament and help to decrease the stress placed on the tibial tubercle.
The anatomy of the knee consists of the patellar ligament or tendon connecting the patella knee cap to the tibia shin bone.This region is called the tendinous region and is located just under the knee cap.   

When this area is subjected to strenuous use, it may lead to inflammation or partial tearing in this region of the ligament.Injury in this region is often the result of jumping, running or throwing and is often called Patella Tendonitis.It is a common injury affecting those who are athletically active.One of the best ways to either prevent or help heal this region is to apply a focused compression on the patellar tendon ligament.This helps to decrease the stress placed on the tibial tubercle.Knee support bands or straps are used to apply this compression to the patella.
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Patella Knee Band - DeRoyal
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