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OrthoTape Fiberglass Cast Tape 3 INCH Box (10 ROLLS)

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Cast Supplies for broken bones. Fiberglass cast supplies in cool cast colors.
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OrthoTape Premium Fiberglass Casting Tape 3 Inch X 4yrds. (10-rolls)

OrthoTape Premium was designed from scratch. We started fresh with a new developed formula for the perfect tape. OrthoTape is incredibly vibrant in colors as we added more dye to help maintain color throughout the time of wear. You also get the perfect lay down at the end of the each roll with OrthoTape. OrthoTape is strong fiberglass casting tape that easily conforms to the natural bends and curves of the body.

100% Satisfaction guarantee with photo proof.

Printed tape (Camo and Teddy Bear) is a polyester fabric instead of fiberglass, because you cannot do prints on fiberglass fabric. So a polyester fabric is used.

*This product should be applied by a trained medical professional or for educational training. Always consult a doctor prior to use.

Shipping Note: Products may be consolidated to ensure the quickest shipping at no extra cost to you the customer. Consolidating the product means taking the product out of its original boxing to fit into an appropriate size package to keep costs down.

What is the difference between fiberglass and polyester casting tape?

When printed casting tape was first introduced by in the early 1990's, it was intended to be used as a finishing tape to be applied over a typical fiberglass cast. It was marketed as Flashcast and was not intended to be used for constructing a complete cast.
The printed polyester tapes were not as thick as regular fiberglass tape and were somewhat transparent so different color effects could be obtained by placing the printed tape over a light colored base tape such as yellow, pink, or any of the fluorescent colors.Several years later, a more substantial solid-color polyester casting tape was marketed for constructing complete casts. The primary difference between the fiberglass and polyester tape was that a knitted polyester fabric had been substituted for the fiberglass fabric substrate. The result was a tape that looked and felt much like standard fiberglass tape but was lighter in weight and more flexible.
There were several published studies that compared the performance of polyester and fiberglass tapes.The results indicated that the differences between the performance of the two different tapes were small. An equal number of material breakdowns and delaminations were identified in both polyester and fiberglass casts.
A review of patient comments revealed that several of the patients who were fitted with polyester casts had previous experiences with fiberglass casts. Their comments reflected on the feeling of instability or lack of strength in their polyester cast and the need for strengthening or reinforcement. They preferred the hardness of the fiber cast to the less rigid polyester cast.
You might want to consider applying a regular fiberglass cast and then finish it with the polyester tape. You'll have the best of both worlds.

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