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OrthoLife Tall Rugged Closed Toe Walker Air Cast Cam Walker

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OrthoLife rugged closed toe cam cast if designed to protect your injury from a broken foot. Best walking cast boots and braces.
Part Number: OL-WK62011
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6 Month Manufacture Warranty
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OrthoLife Tall Rugged Closed Toe Walking Cast Boot for Broken Foot


  • Stable foot or ankle fracture
  • Severe ankle sprain
  • Post surgery application

  • Removable toe cover for open or closed toe option and protection.
  • Pneumatic liner supports and compresses to promote bone healing
  • Graduated compression helps to reduce edema
  • Contoured boot shell with ventilated hole gives strong fixation and fits leg shape
  • Elite rocker bottom design gives natural and normal gait
  • Tool-free pressure-adjusting pump integrated with front panel

Removable toe piece makes it an open or closed toe boot.
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