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OrthoLife AirCast Medical Orthopedic Fracture Boot - Tall

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OrthoLife Air Inflatable Cam Boot Broken foot or toe, our foot cast boot has inflatable air bladder to help heal your injury. Low price and fast shipping with a full 6 month warranty.
Part Number: OL-WK015
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6 Month Manufacture Warranty
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OrthoLife AirCast Orthopedic Medical Fracture Boot - Tall

The OrthoLife AirCast is an inflatable medical fracture boot that easily accommodates swelling by aiding in compression.  The patient can adjust the desired level for the best comfortable support necessary.  This tall version goes to just below the knee and is made of lightweight materials.  With a low footbed, it is easy to walk in compared to other fracture boots on the market.  Compared to Ossur FormFit, Darco, Ovation, DeRoyal and other boots on the market at higher prices.  We offer a full 6 months warranty at a fraction of the price.

Get this item as fast as 2-3 business days. If you need help with sizing, please feel free to call us.

  • Status post foot or ankle surgery
  • Fixation after stable foot or ankle fracture
  • Severe ankle sprain

  • Light weight and rigid plastic side stays provide great stability
  • Adjustable straps for proper tightening as personal demand
  • Embedded air pump and valve design for easy applying
  • Curved rocker bottom gives natural and normal gait
  • Full cover liner for better comfort

Top is flared for more room in calf area.

broken foot cast

Curved rocker bottom allows you to walk naturally.
injury boot

Cover allows you to cover your toes!

foot boot brace

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