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Iceman Clear 3 Cold Therapy - DonJoy

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Iceman Clear3 Cold Therapy - DonJoy

The IceMan CLEAR3 cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation and recovery. The IceMan Clear3 cold therapy utilizes DonJoy’s recirculation system, which helps maintain more consistent and accurate temperatures than other competitive cold therapy units, in a pre-set configuration.

Cold therapy is also known as cryotherapy. It’s a physical therapy treatment most often done with cold packs or ice massage.

Proven Performance:

Time tested with over 20-years of experience delivering industry leading cold therapy solutions

Developed through direct customer interaction and feedback

Technology Advantage:

Our re-circulation system helps deliver consistent cold therapy throughout the cold pad, eliminating freezing inlet temperatures

Patient Convenience and Ease-of-use:

Clear cooler design for easy refill indication

Self-priming, plug-n-play operation

Designed for easy portability and storage

A complete line of cold pads to help deliver cold therapy to where it is needed the most

Iceman Clear 3 recirculation

Please read this important statement regarding the purchase and returns of all Cold Therapy Systems: 

By purchasing a Cold Therapy system, or any of it's accessories, you acknowledge that you are either a qualified health care provider or currently under the supervision of a health care provider who has prescribed a Cold Therapy product directly to you. It is paramount that you read and carefully follow the manufacturer's directions provided with the unit. The end user will assume all responsibility for the use or misuse of the item purchased. Furthermore, you acknowledge that OrthoTape.com is only a distributor of the product and in no way takes responsibility for any injury it may cause due to malfunction, misuse, inappropriate application, or other reason. By clicking "Add to Cart" you acknowledge the above statement(s) to be true and accurate.

Warranty and Return Information for Cold Therapy Systems and it's accessories:

Due to the medical nature of this product(s), we cannot accept any returns on this line of product(s). Defective units are covered under the manufacturer's warranty (6 months for Cold Therapy units, 1 month for all wraps) and a warranty replacement will be issued. Any and all malfunctions must be properly documented and valid prior to being replaced.


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