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Walk Easy Adult Folding Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutch Half Cuff Model 458 (pair)

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Walk Easy Adult Folding Carbon Fiber forearm crutches open cuff Model 458, soft latex-free grip, minimal noise
Part Number: Walk Easy 458
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Walk Easy Adult Folding Carbon Fiber Forearm Crutches Half Cuff Model 458

The Walk Easy Model 458 crutches are high-quality, folding, height-adjustable carbon-fiber forearm crutches with half (or open) cuff. The upper section is made of a fiber-reinforced polymer plastic greatly reducing side-to-side sway. The anatomically-correct left and right grips are made of antimicrobial, soft latex-free rubber. A generous 3 ¾ overlap section makes the crutch rigid when unfolded and it doesn't even feel like a folding crutch. A threaded collar on the main crutch tube allows tightening to eliminate any rattling noise.

Available only in the black rhomboid pattern as shown.

Brand: Walk Easy
Sold as: Pair
Max. user weight: 250 lbs. (113 kgs)
Approx. user height: 5'2” to 6'2” (157 to 188 cm)
Availability: In stock

Product Details:

Other names: Canadian crutches, elbow crutches, Lofstrand
Adjustability: Grip to floor
Material Properties: Carbon fiber
Grip Properties: Soft, Rubber, Anatomic
Cuff Type: Half cuff
Weight (each): 24.3 oz (688.9 gm.)
Warranty: 1-year limited
Medicare HCPCS code: E0110
Shipping weight: 3.0 lbs. (dimensional weight: 10 lbs.)

Product Sizing:

Size: Adult
Cuff diameter: 3½”
Grip length: 4½”
Grip diameter: 1”
Grip to floor: 30.0” to 39.0” (76 to 99 cm)
Grip to cuff: 9.1” to 0.0” (23 to 0 cm)

Are you looking for a full cuff, folding forearm crutch? We do offer a model in aluminum – please have a look at model 479

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