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Cast Saw Cutter - CC6 - De Soutter

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De Soutter Cast Saw Cutter (CC6) (Vacuum is separate) (Click more details for Warranty info)
Part Number: Saw Cast De Soutter (CC6) (NEW)
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De Soutter Cast Saw Cutter (CC6)

(Vacuum is Sold separately)

The CC6 combines the latest technological features with a functional ergonomic handgrip making it a pleasure to use. The smoothly contoured saw is designed to fit comfortably in the hand while providing the ideal cutting position. The balanced weight distribution increases maneuverability and helps to reduce wrist fatigue. PURCHASE WITH Vacuum Extraction in the CC5 Order Code. This unit does not come with the vacuum.
CC6 saw specification
Warranty Info: 12-month warranty covers parts, labor, and shipping cost to repair center.

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