Cast Mountain!

Cast Mountain!

What a way to make a statement!

There are many campaigns and events to bring awareness for cancer patients, victims of abuse, mental illness, and so many other worthy causes that need more attention, research, and overall funding to help those in need.
This led the Christian Care Health System to make a statement and advocate for those with Osteoporosis, bringing more light to this painful condition.

Christain Care Health System exhibit

Osteoporosis is a serious issue causing weak and brittle bones. Most people don’t know they have it until they incur their first fracture or begin experiencing severe pain. This condition usually occurs in older adults, which is why in some cases it can be fatal. Survival rates for the elderly recovering from a broken or fractured hip due to Osteoporosis, are not great. To add to this living with chronic pain day in and day out can be expensive to manage. Between needing to buy prescription medication to manage it and braces/support equipment, this condition can be costly.

At Orthotape we hear from many consumers dealing with painful conditions needing orthopedic braces or boots daily. Therefore, we try to offer many products at cheaper prices. Because conditions such as osteoporosis can require expensive braces and supports, or casts should a broken bone occur.
Issues such as costly broken bones, led the Christian Care System to create Cast Mountain.

Cast Mountain Exhibit

To form Cast Mountain, the Christian Care System used a variety of colors that Orthotape offers. Our name brand, Orthotape Fiberlgass casting tape, is what was used to create the cast forms. They built the orthopedic cast up into a mountain of short leg, long leg, long arm, and short arm casts.
This was created to give an idea of how many people suffer from fractures and broken bones due to Osteoporosis.

Mountain of arm and leg casts

They presented their creation along with statistics as an exhibit in a past orthopedic conference. Here is just another picture to give you a sense of how massive this mountain was.

Cast Mountain

Their exhibit was eye-catching, thought provoking, and very informative.
There are so many people that struggle with chronic pain due to Osteoporosis and other painful conditions, such as arthritis. We need more advocates for them and more research on how to prevent and manage conditions, such as these. Everyone deserves to live their best life to the fullest, not being held back by pain, or the fear of falling.