Art Reacting to Art: Plaster Bandage Life Casting

Lehigh University has some extremely talented students. This is the second article we have featured them in, showcasing their impressive work with our Orthotape Plaster of Paris plaster bandages. The creativity behind Lehigh’s life casting sculptures is something to see.
Lehigh University Art
This is a series from last year, in which the students reacted to different sculptures around the campus of Lehigh University. A very clever idea, when finished it looks like art reacting to art.
Plaster Life cast
Orthotape’s plaster bandages are great for creating life cast art, such as this. Our plaster bandages are medical grade and we recommend them because they are FDA registered, non-toxic, as well as GMO and Gluten free.
Life casting
Our plaster bandages are also safer compared to traditional liquid plaster and plaster from craft stores. This makes them ideal for projects such as this, because it's coming into contact with your skin.
Life casting Plaster couple
We hope you will use Orthotape Plaster of Paris bandages for your next project!

To see more artwork from the talented students at Lehigh University you can click the following link:

Lucy Gans the professor guiding these talented students also has a website, you can click the link to see more of her work and accomplishments:

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