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2 Channel Digital TENS/EMS/IF Device - BodyMed

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BodyMed's ZZA900 dual channel, digital TENS, EMS and IF unit has 11 adjustable function modes, an adjustable timer, patient lock and patient compliance meter.
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Tackle muscle fatigue and chronic pain following an adjustment session with the help of BodyMed’s Dual Channel Digital TENS/EMS/IF Combination Unit. This portable unit uses 2 channels to deliver electrotherapeutic relief following treatment sessions or for rehabilitative purposes that impact any muscle group. This device helps you find pain relief from back or neck injuries with this TENS combination unit. You can attach the electrode patches to affected areas to deliver direct stimulation, fast. The adjustable knobs help control treatment intensity and are capped with protective plastic to avoid injury from amplitude over stimulation. You can customize ramp and wave frequency to deliver the right amount of stimulation to the targeted muscle group to treat your individual pain needs. Monitoring your personal use can be done by enabling the Patient Compliance Meter which tracks and reports your activity by the hour. 


Use to relieve chronic intractable pain

To relax muscle spasms

To prevent or retard disuse atrophy

To increase local blood circulation

To maintain or increase range of motion

To reeducate muscles or stimulate calf muscles post-surgery

To prevent venous thrombosis and to treat post-traumatic pain

There are dual, isolated channels with adjustable pulse intensity, adjustable pulse frequency and adjustable (TENS) and fixed (EMS) pulse widths

5 TENS modes, 3 EMS modes and 3 IF modes

Cover conceals the easy-to-use controls

Pulse widths ramp up when changing modes

Meter for patient compliance

Timer allows for 15, 30, 60 minutes and continuous time selections

Comes in a hard-sided, protective, plastic case

Includes unit, carrying case, 2 lead wires/1 pack of electrodes (4), 9V battery, adaptor, and a manual

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