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Gore Procel Aquacast Waterproof Padding Single 1-Roll
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Item#:  AquaCast 1-ROLL
Price:  $20.99
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Gore Procel Aquacast WATERPROOF CAST PADDING, 1 PACK Single 1-Roll

When a synthetic or fiberglass cast padded with AquaCast Cast Liner Form-Fit gets wet, most of the water drains quickly out of the ends of the cast. The remaining moisture is warmed by body heat, becomes vapor and passes through the AquaCast Cast Liner Form-Fit and casting tape. No special drying is necessary.

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Download Instructions for use here: CLICK HERE
NOTE: AquaCast Casts need a
DeFlex Protective strip under the cast

or a Zip Stick used at removal 

to protect the patient.
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Until recently, conventional casting material had to be kept dry with all the attendant discomfort and lack of cleanliness that entails.

AquaCast Cast Liner enables patients to get their cast wet, thus minimizing discomfort and other cast related nuisances. AquaCast Cast Liner is a waterproof, breathable, washable cast padding that replaces the standard cotton and stockinette underneath a fiberglass cast. It allows patients the freedom to continue their normal daily activities - bathing, showering, and even swimming - while healing occurs. AquaCast Cast Liner can be used with any type of fiberglass cast.


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Always consult with a physician before making a purchase.